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Aman Astrix aka Aman Dubey is a content creator and vlogger.

Aman is a multi-disciplinary digital creator who works with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands.


  • Antisocial Media
    I’m sure I cannot be alone in being unable to decide what I want my relationship with social media to be. One minute I determine I want as little to do with it as possible, then the next I’m commenting on Twitter posts and posting my own. It seems I simply cannot make up my […]
  • Do You Share Other Bloggers’ Posts on Social Media?
    A lot of us having social sharing buttons on our blogs, but how often do people actually use them? I have no idea, so I thought it would be interesting to chat about it. I don’t often use social sharing buttons. Certainly, a substantial part of that is because my social media use is minimal, […]
  • Making a Pasta
    Ab content k liye Itna To karna hi chahiye to humne ghar par hi vlog shoot ki tayari ki aur bhook lag gayito pasta bana k pasta vlog hi bana diya.
  • White Sneakers
    White sneakers aajkal trend mein chal rahe hain vah hamesha se train mein rahe hain to kabhi bhi aap use pahnenge kisi bhi chij ke sath bahut badhiya lagte Hain lekin abhi yah sawal uthata hai ki sabse acche white sneakers hote kaise hain kya fabric hone chahie unmen kya style hona chahie kya type […]

Aman Astrix aka Aman Dubey